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Vargas: I’ve got Pacquiao all figured out


by Nick Giongco

Jessie Vargas believes he is on the cusp of stardom and Nov. 5 is going to be his coronation night and a sad ending to Manny Pacquiao’s legendary career.

Speaking from his training camp in Las Vegas, site of his scheduled 12-round defense of the World Boxing Organization welterweight crown, Vargas insists he has the fight in the bag.

Jessie Vargas (Manila Bulletin)

Jessie Vargas (Manila Bulletin)

“We do have Plan A. And Plan B is to follow plan A. And Plan C is to make sure Plan A works. And it will work. It’s just about playing it smart and being the smarter fighter inside that ring. The right moment and the right time and looking for the opening and creating the openings,” said the 27-year-old heavy underdog.

Dewey Cooper, Vargas’ trainer, maintains that his fighter has actually morphed into a more dangerous puncher.

“We have added even more explosive power, more athletic agility, more speed and more total IQ we have added since the last fight we had together. We have more synergy in this training camp and guys, I keep saying in every interview I do don’t forget who the champion in this fight is and don’t forget who the challenger in this fight is and that’s exactly who we are viewing this guy as – we are viewing him as our opponent, the challenger and we are going to conquer him on November 5th,” said Cooper, a former fighter who also dabbled in MMA.

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  • Abdul jakul


  • doubting tomas

    I don’t care. Not gonna watch. Hardly anybody would.

    • OneFlip

      Much better fight to watch than either Pacquiao-Mayweather or Pacquiao-Bradley. Vargas is not a runner, so I actually expect power-punches landing, probably mostly on Vargas :)

    • Thor Asgardian

      Speak for yourself only shit_face. I already bought my PPV.

      • doubting tomas

        I am speaking for myself dunce.
        Fcuk your PPV.

        • MIKA & ME

          “Hardly anybody would.” – “I am speaking for myself dunce”


    yes u have all the right to figure out…but be careful when u figure out those blinding punches in any angles coming from manny.

  • Redlabel

    Not going to pay anymore dollars for Pacquiao, they hate Fil Am so why give them money. i’ll watch a free next day it would be in youtube for a few hours. Pacquaio next fight should be in China not in US.

  • MIKA & ME

    If you had it so figured out. how come you have Plans B and C and so on. Go figure.