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Pacquiao UAE fight off; Arum delighted


by Nick Giongco

Boxing promoter Bob Arum has a new deal in place for Manny Pacquiao to fight either in June or July as the proposal to bring his act to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) turned out to be just a mirage as he had earlier feared.

“Manny chose to roll the dice and rolled the dice he did and came up with snake eyes,” Arum told the Bulletin yesterday from the Top Rank headquarters in Las Vegas.

There was a proposal, coursed through Pacquiao’s Canadian agent Mike Koncz, about a May 19 fight in Dubai or Abu Dhabi against Amir Khan and Arum noted that “Manny got carried away” with the promise of a $38-million payday.

“If it’s too good to be true, it is too good to be true,” said Arum, who initially expressed doubts whether the deal will come into fruition despite Khan agreeing to fight.

Arum had warned Koncz and Pacquiao to be wary of the UAE plan but they persisted in exploring the project that turned out to be a dud.

“They weren’t talking to the right people,” said the 85-year-old lawyer, sounding a bit sad that that the UAE was nothing more but a fantasy.

Arum was dangling an April 22 fight to face Jeff Horn in Brisbane, Australia, but Pacquiao’s camp saw the numbers as amounting to peanuts, compelling them to look elsewhere for a juicier deal.

Koncz arrived yesterday morning from the US and is going to discuss Arum’s revised proposal.

Arum hopes that Pacquiao experiences an epiphany as he has one more proffer for November.

“Khan is not the biggest fight out there for Manny this year but Terence Crawford or Adrien Broner,” said Arum, taking into account that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is retired and that old rival Juan Manuel Marquez doesn’t have anything to do with a fifth fight.

“Koncz will meet with Manny, and if he accepts it, we’ll go ahead. If he doesn’t, there’s nothing we can do,” Arum told Lance Pugmire of the LA Times.

Arum swears his revamped offer sheet to Pacquiao is real and not a pie in the sky.

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  • Teddy Reynoso

    Being a control freak, Bob Arum is leery of holding fights outside of the USA wherein he is not in command. He has held bouts in China but he was the boss in cahoots with some Macau business interests. He initiated the deal that would have Pacman fighting in Australia irked as he was by the lukewarm behavior of HBO and American boxing fans in his last two promotions there. But Pacquiao says no go and explored potential offer in UAE. Of course Arum did not like it for it was not his initiative. So he went to media to shoot it down, practically discouraging whoever sponsors Koncz was talking to from pursuing any deal without Arum’s blessing. I don’t believe it was mirage. Talks of Pacquiao fighting there where thousands of Pinoys work have been in circulation for years. I believe a fight there will be more viable and rewarding than that in Australia. It is just Arum and his penchant for total control and his wounded pride that shot that down.

    • People are not stupid in Dubai…Manny was been insidious and was looking for easy money by fighting a Muslim in Dubai..He was betting on Islam than anything else…

  • Teddy Reynoso

    If there was any pie in the sky, It was what Arum said about Pacquiao’s farewell world tour which he started with that unacceptable deal (as far as the Pacquiao camp is concerned) for a fight in Australia. Now hearing him cite possible alternative foes for Pacquiao, It seems he wants to go back to fighting in the USA where he would be in total control but where the lack of network and fan support had prompted Arum to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Seems like they will be back to square one

    • No. The bitter truth is .Both Konz & Manny were betting on ISLAM than KHAN fighting skills…

      They were retarded enough to think…since, Khan is a muslim, the Arabs will pay top dollar to see a Muslim Fight …LOL…

      In Gulf…No body gives a F if u muslim or not…Arabs are not that retarded/radical as the western media make them …

      Bring on GGG or Canelo and then see…Arabs will dole out 100 million on him…

  • Rico Quorum

    Pakyaw: I herby call Kuncz in kontimp op kort.

    • OhMyGee!!!

      Pakyaw is idiot like Conkxs. Pakyaw is a ball boy in the senate…the worst senayor ever…even beat lito lapid…you just better masturbate pakyaw!!!! Hahaha h

  • Richard Cajucom

    Please don’t fight Adrien Broner! it will be a boring fight. Pacquiao should fight Thurman!

    • Abraham Pestano

      Terence Crawford or Thurman will be a big fight. And who the fucckkkk!!! is Jeff Horn? Does he have a horn in the head? Like a fucking mountain goat?

  • Pacman made the mistake by thinking since Khan is Muslim..All the UAE muslims will pay top dollar to watch another Muslim. Looks like he watches too much TV.

    In UAE..No body gives a F is you Muslim or Not. They go with talent alone. Majority of Non-Arab Billionaires are in fact Hindus from India.

    UAE is not a radical place. People are not stupid to watch another loser boxer just because he is muslim. If Manny wants Top Dollar..He should fight Canelo or GGG…out of his weight class and go crazy to get knocked out…Then the Arabs will come and spend even 100 million dollar on him.

    Arabs are NOT STUPID to watch Khan fight..just because he is Muslim.

  • Nonong San Mateo

    Forget the 1st half of the year Manny since you’ve been a bad boy. Fight Thurman in Nov instead and unify the belts!

  • 16M ni PiDiGUNGGONG!!!

    I MOVE to STOP the Fight, hahahahaha

  • I suggest retirement for the Pac, but if not: Against Broner would be better than Crawford who is undefeated… Terrence would be more dangerous than Adrien…. Against an undefeated champ, young and at his peak, for the Pac,, though he is “ageless” (tireless…) may render controversial decisions “more favourable” for the younger undefeated than for a legend which may not have that long to offer in boxing…. Boxing has been a business, you know….

  • Tenshio Rubirosa

    Pollo Marquez will never fight Pacquiao again. He’ll just ride off into the sunset with his ko win over Manny just like Torrecampo and 3k Battery. lol