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7s Football: Tondo FC, Super Eagles, Ghana FC lead matchday 2 winners


The Philam Life 7s Football league was back at the McKinley Hill Stadium last Sunday for match day 2 for the youth and seniors division.

Once again, youth teams had proven that football in the country is growing and that youth talent only need an avenue to practice their skills in the sport. Youth teams opened the matchday 2 of the league with an action-packed set of games with the Kaya youth teams dominating the league in all four age groups. Giving them a run for their money was the Simon Greatwich –led G8 and Bohemians Sporting Club.

Over in the Seniors Division, the boys from Tondo once again showed why they are a force to be reckon with after whipping the H&J All-Stars, 3-1.

Coming into the game, Tondo FC did make some adjustments, mainly getting reinforcements from players from Marikina, something Coach Mark Balbin is thankful for.

“Kasi in Tondo, we play the attacking side so more of us specialize in dribbling which makes the defensive side our loophole. The ones na kinuha namin from Marikina, mga defenders, we know yung caliber nila kaya ni-recruit namin sila as part of the team,” said Balbin.

Matu vs. Funatics (7S Media Bureau)

Matu vs. Funatics (7S Media Bureau)

After being down 0-1 and then 1-2 at the end of the first half, Bohemian made a run in the second half and scored the equalizer that sent the game to extra time. The extra five minutes was all they needed in order get the pivotal goal and seal their comeback with the win.

“A come from behind win is always difficult. I think we started out a little bit too relaxed, Real Amigos came out with intensity, came out really with high pressure, I think out players were a bit too relaxed but then we got the first goal – unlucky because it was a rebound, they scored one goal, but you know that’s football, breaks of the game,” said coach Mikee Carrion

In the second set of games, Superbad became the next team fall to the Super Eagles. The defending champions led as much as 3-0 at the end of the first half and were even more resilient in protecting their lead at the second half, scoring five more goals to prove that they are determined to win the league title for the third time in a row.

“I think it was just hard work and determination. We are the defending champions and we are committed, we really want to win again,” said coach Prince.

Delimondo-Laro FC and Ceres FC were inseparable at the first half, giving the fans present at the stadium an all the more exciting game as they anticipate which of these two teams will draw first blood. Ceres FC went on to take the lead at the beginning of the second half, but Delimondo-Laro FC was able to equalize not long enough.

“We pushed a bit more, then they got the lead then we pushed again to pressure them after they got the lead again, we kept on pushing. I think our game tonight was more entertaining in the second half compared to the first one,” says Joaco Canas.

Tondo vs H&J (7S Media Bureau)

Tondo vs H&J (7S Media Bureau)

For the last batch of fixtures for matchday 2, Ghana FC lived up to their statement from opening day that they will give each team a run for their money as they led Stallions FC at the end of the first half. However, the Stallions tried to make a comeback at the start of the second half only to fall short against the league runner-ups.

“It was a very intense game, Stallions is one of the professional teams in the Philippines and they even started training before the season began, they prepared really well. Playing against them, you know, it’s really going to be tough. Our game plan today was to play 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and one attacker, first half, we scored the only one which we tried to hold down to the 1 up until halftime and then we got another goal at the start of the second half, which is really a good goal,” coach Ayi Bimbo said.

Also, Deportivo Matu lived up to extend their winning streak as they trounce the Futbol Fanatics with a clean sheet; 5-0.

Complete Game Results are as follows

Youth Division [U9]:

  • FFast vs. Loyola (0-1)
  • BSC vs. FFast (2-0)
  • G8 vs. FFast (1-1)
  • Kaya vs. FFast (5-0)
  • Sugod vs. G8 (0-8)
  • Kaya vs. Ceres (2-0)
  • Sugod vs. Loyola (0-0)
  • BSC vs. Socceroo (0-0)

Youth Division [U13]:

  • Loyola vs. Super Fanatics (0-1)
  • BSC vs. Futbol Funatics (3-0)
  • Kaya vs. Fanatics (5-0)
  • Soccerro vs. G8 (0-1)
  • Kaya vs. Ceres (2-0)
  • Socceroo vs. Loyola (0-0)
  • G8 vs. Fanatics (1-0)
  • BSC vs. Ceres (2-0)

Youth Division [U11]:

  • Loyola vs. FFast (0-1)
  • BSC vs. Kaya (0-0)
  • G8 vs. FFast (0-0)
  • Kaya A vs. Kaya B (2-0)
  • Socceroo vs. G8 (0-0)
  • Sugod vs. Kaya (0-1)
  • Loyola vs. Ceres (2-1)
  • BSC vs. Sugod (0-1)

Youth division [U15]:

  • Loyola vs. Futbol Funatics (0-0)
  • Kaya vs. Futbol Funatics (2-2)
  • Voltes vs. Futbol Funatics (0-1)
  • Kaya A vs. Kaya B (1-4)
  • Sugod vs. BSC (3-0)
  • Kaya vs. G8 (6-1)
  • BSC vs. Loyola (0-3)
  • BSC vs. G8 (2-1)

Seniors Division:

  • BSC vs. Real Amigos (3-2)
  • Tondo FC vs. H&J All Stars (3-1)
  • Delimondo-Laro FC vs. Ceres FC (3-2)
  • Super Eagles vs. Superbad (8-0)
  • Ghana FC vs Stallions FC (3-1)
  • Deportivo Matu vs Futbol Funatics (5-0)

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